Every Foodsmiths product has been partially cooked as part of its production process. You can cook and finish by Pan Fry, BBQ, Simmer or Bake. Please refer to each product page for ideas, serving suggestions and 'How To' instructions.

Seven (7) days in the fridge, in a package that is not open.

Within 5 days of opening.

Keep refrigerated between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius.


MSG is not used in our products.

Most of our products contain pork. Some of our products are chicken and beef products but they are not certified Halal or Kosher.

Yes. Our Cacciatore sausages are made from Chicken and tomato. The taste mild and great for breakfast.

Please click on the tracking link in you delivery email to see details and estimated time of delivery.

We quote the price for products in 1 kilo or 500 gr amounts. Some food products vary, though, in weight. This occurs naturally.

Where we have supplied you less than your original order, we will refund you the difference. This refund may take 2-4 days top appear on your credit card statement.

Where we have supplied you with slightly more than your original order, we generally won’t call you about charging you extra. If this is significant, we reserve the right to call you and ask your approval to proceed with the order.