Food Safety & Hygiene

Quality Assurance & Food Standards Excellence

Our business has met or exceeded Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points. (HACCP) as checked & verified by a Global Auditor. HFF has extra internal checks & controls above HACCP.

Hanseatic Fine Foods is certified for:
07. Butchery Operations
08. Processing of Manufactured Meats and Poultry
13. Bakery and Snack Food Processing
18. Preserved Food Manufacturing

Please contact our customer care team for more information.

ISO 9001 SAI Global Certified


Foodsmiths Product Safety Policy

We are committed to ensuring that all products we sell are safe and of the highest quality.

Together with our Suppliers, we have a responsibility to provide high quality products and services to our customers.

To support this responsibility, we have in place a clear and defined product approval process. This process includes:

  • factory auditing (quality requirements);
  • product testing; and
  • inspections.

How to Report an Incident

If you purchased a product from us and wish to report a product safety related incident please

Please call us on (02) 8045 2444 to report the incident; or email us at

Once we have your details and the incident your report will be progressed according to our product safety policies and procedures.

How an incident is dealt with

Once we have received notice of a product safety incident (see How to Report an Incident above):

Our contact centre records incidents according to their type and assigns a 'Severity' rating to ensure it receives the proper escalation and attention.

If the incident cannot be resolved at the point of contact, the incident is assigned to the relevant person. If further investigation is required, we will contact you. The level of investigation undertaken is commensurate with the seriousness of the complaint.

At a minimum all complaints relating to serious injuries (incidents we classify as Severity 1) must have a formal investigation commenced to identify root-cause within a reasonable timeframe having regard to the incident.

We aim to find a commercial and fair solution to our customer's complaint using all relevant information and common sense.

In making a decision, we must always consider the following:

  • the law;
  • industry codes and guidelines;
  • what is the fair and reasonable thing to do in the circumstances.
  • Product Recalls
  • Our internal policies

Our most important role is to provide you with safe, quality products. We put our customers first including keeping them informed of any issues with products resulting in withdrawals and recalls.

Our response to products that have been recalled or withdrawn from sale is determined by our internal policy and the following priorities:

  • Protecting the health and safety of our customers and staff.
  • Complying with legal requirements.
  • Maintaining our reputation for quality products.

Details of all products recalled by Woolworths supermarkets in the past 12 months is available here<Ian to provide hyperlink>.

Product Safety Australia

If you want more information about a recalled product (in Australia) you can use the links below to access the most up-to-date product recall information. This information is maintained by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The ACCC's website is Product Safety Recalls Australia. This website has information about all product safety recalls directed at consumers in Australia.

Food specific information

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) coordinates and monitors food recalls in Australia and New Zealand. Recalls occur after consultation between State food authorities and the manufacturer or importer. Information about current food recalls and what to do if you have a product that has been recalled is available at the Food Standards Australia New Zealand web-site