Our Story

The Foodsmiths is a well-known brand, part of a European food family business. We have provided exceptional dishes to many fine restaurants & food retailers in Australia for years.


We're in Well-Known Restaurants

Slow cooked meats like Pork Belly or Pork Knuckle or our famous Pork Knuckles normally need hours of steaming, roasting & food preparation. Our skilled chefs do these hard steps here. Then the simpler steps of finishing are done in 30 minutes or less by many fine restaurants. They deliver tender, flavourful meats with crackling…all done…to their customers.

Now available for consumers, at home.

Now this quality is available to you at home. We do the complicated stuff. You follow a couple of simple steps and enjoy the tasty meals! Ideal for singles, couples or a dinner party at home.
That’s Foodsmithing!

Our Craftsmanship

We use modern technologies and old-fashioned know-how. Techniques include steaming, roasting, Sous Vide, Tenderisation, Tumbling and more.

No artificial flavours or colours.

Imagine putting together your favourite mouth-watering dishes in the comfort of your kitchen without chef skills and hours of prep. You’ll achieve restaurant quality, in around 30 minutes with minimum effort!

The Foodsmiths make this possible. And we show you how.